Dont Try This At Home, Kids!

Another fun detail with this brokered load was that it appeared to be unloading at a construction site. These are usually more difficult to find than regular businesses (they may not have an address, even) and the terrain itself can be a challenge in a big rig.

As it turns out, when I arrived in Overland Park, Kansas around noon I realized the problem that I had wasn’t that it was a construction site but that it was silly how this parking lot was laid out. I offer as evidence:

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This isn’t as difficult as it looks, but a new truck driver would certainly be sweating bullets in this situation.

On the plus side, my cargo was being offloaded at this funky warehouse so at least I didn’t have to take my chances at a construction site.

After I was unloaded I got a preplan over to our Kansas City, Missouri yard to take a load down to Carthage, Missouri then go home for a few days. I barely had the hours but I made it and I’m waiting to be unloaded now.