I’m hit, I’m hit!!

So I’m sitting in my truck in back on the bunk discussing the day’s events with my Rosie O’Donnell blowup doll (previously described here) when my tractor jerked to the side and I heard a dull crunch. I disentangled myself and rushed up to the front, where I saw:

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A driver in a US Express truck had managed to back into the driver’s side fender on my truck… the very same one that was replaced six months ago! The poor flasher light at the back is hanging on only by the electrical cable, and you can see the fairing between the steps on the side was bent outward as well. Oh, and my mirror has a slight scrape on it too.

The offending trailer suffered the indignity of a slight scrape to the steel plate in back. That’s the piece of black metal you can see here:

Steel meets fiberglass, steel wins.

Tomorrow morning I need to be up super early to drive a few miles to the local Petro repair shop to get some temporary repairs made, then I will deliver my load and get sent to Joplin. Where my truck will get fixed (the fender) and fixed (neutered back to 65 MPH).



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