Relaxin’ then headin’ to Jackson(ville)

I rolled in to Chesapeake around 0400 local time. The receiving folks at the Sam’s Club in question had heard nothing from our crack Customer Service people, so they just assumed I was slacking. Got me unloaded very quickly though.

The lot behind the warehouse was just big enough to shoehorn in one last semi, namely mine. I was blocking a row of bobtails in where I parked but I didn’t plan on staying long and they could always pound on my door if one of them had to move. None did, and I got a couple hours rest.

Around sunrise I drove around the front side of the complex to the Super Wal-Mart next door to refill my pantry. Hard to believe it, but I spent over $85 — I haven’t been able to stock up in a while.

Right when I got back out to the truck I got beeped with a new load picking up in Richmond, Virginia then delivering in Jacksonville, Florida first thing Monday morning. This would ordinarily be a craptastic 700 mile weekend waste of time, but in this case it will allow me to reset my hours and take a much-needed break. Plus, it won’t hurt to be heading south versus north at this time of year.

UPDATE: It turns out I’m loaded with 16 tons of Ramen noodle containers. College students rejoice!


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