Mood swings

After three or four hours waiting yesterday, the shop opened up and they got to the business of taking off the other driver’s padlock. Boy, were we jipped!

Corporate has gone on and on about how tough these locks are, how rarely a load gets stolen if you have your lock in place. I’m here to tell you that it takes about 20 seconds (yes, seconds) to go through one of these things with a small blowtorch. And the kicker is, the guy didn’t even damage the door hasps or the door itself.

I have video of this on my camera that I will post soon if I can figure out how.

Anyhow, after this took place it was daylight out and I made my way west along I-10. I was feeling okay physically but I wasn’t in a good mood. It is amazing how much more difficult it is to drive long distances when your mind isn’t set on it. I droned on all day, looking at each truck stop along the way and asking myself “Can I stop yet?” but kept pressing on for 400 miles before I finally called it quits.

This morning I got up at my usual hour, didn’t have a lock to cut off and made great time through Phoenix and on in to California. There were a number of high wind warning signs along the interstate, but you could hardly fly a kite with the wind I experienced. The wind turbines in the Palm Springs area were hardly moving, even.


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