Off to Indiana, with a scare

I managed to snag an empty trailer at the Walmart DC I dropped at yesterday and got on the board, and shortly I was given a deadhead back up to our Atlanta drop yard (wasn’t I just there?) then to take a full trailer up to Carmel, Indiana.

The trip up to Atlanta was mostly I-75, though there was a good amount of traffic most of the way. About a hundred miles into Georgia there was yet another construction zone which had the two right lanes of a three-lane highway shut so everyone got funneled to the left lane.

They had just recently paved the left lane and there was drop off of about three inches of asphalt on the far left. The cones were arranged such that you had to run your left tires on the shoulder and your right ones on the fresh asphalt.

When I got to that point I was minding my business and obeying the speed limit and all of a sudden my tractor drops off to the left rather abruptly. I swerve back to the right and get off the accelerator only to see my trailer follow me over then violently whip four or five feet further to the left. If I had given it a touch of acceleration instead it would have kept the trailer in line by taking out the “slack” between us. A slight overcorrection or two caused my trailer to oscillate behind me both left and right which brought my heart up into my throat for safe keeping.

Anyway, I made it through without a scratch though there may be a new skid mark or two in the Fruit of the Looms.

Here is my route for today and tomorrow:

Brooksville, Florida

I made it to my consignee ahead of schedule, as usual. After I dropped my trailer I looked through the empty trailer area and there were no CFI trailers to be found. Turns out there are only two CFI trailers at that Distribution Center and both are full yet.

I ran bobtail a few miles up the interstate to a rest area where I’m parked for the night.

Load Craziness

I was assigned a load this morning with two pickups, one in eastern Alabama and the other in northern Georgia, then the job of running the completed load down I-75 to Florida. Only problem is, I brought my full trailer to our drop yard in Atlanta and there are no empties here for me to take.

This was the proposed trip I was to take:

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After some consultation, the Powers That Be have decided someone else with an empty trailer will run the first two stops then bring me the full trailer to move down to Florida, like this:

Unfortunately, the load isn’t due to be here until after 7 PM tonight, meaning I have to run it overnight for delivery, most likely.

Accident in Tennessee

Yesterday, while I made my way to Atlanta, I came upon an accident moments after it happened. Two vehicles traveling northbound mixed it up, causing one of them to veer off into the center median where it crashed, ending up in the southbound lanes.

After a short wait, the police, EMTs and fire trucks roll up to the scene and close off the highway:

This is where it occurred:

Soon, the whirring of a helicopter is heard as LifeFlight arrives at the scene:

After a few minutes on the ground, the occupant of the car has been transferred to the chopper and it hustles off:

Traffic is routed around the accident scene by taking up half of the northbound road for the southbound traffic at a conveniently-placed crossover point:

Even the big rigs are sent over to the other side, though it is a bit dicey:

A passing glance at the front of the car in question:

Off to Hotlanta

… or perhaps Warmlanta, this time of year anyway.

I was buzzed around 0900 to go back over to Illinois and pick up a load for Walmart, destined for Ft Pierce, Florida. My instructions have me grabbing it this afternoon and running it down to our Atlanta drop yard where it will be relayed to another driver. Too bad about that — I would have loved the rest of the miles.