Wacko in Waco

There were a handful of accidents on the various roads I traveled today, including two cars and one big rig mess about twenty miles north of Waco and the aforementioned Flying J (just down the street from the Hooters, natch).

As I pulled off of the interstate on to exit 331 I noticed there were a line of trucks and four wheelers backed up a bit, and the intersection seemed to be closed. I didn’t have my camera out at the time, so after I parked I walked back and took some photos from the opposite side:

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The driver of this rig apparently took the right hand corner too fast and managed to roll it over… you can see the number of wreckers they had to call out to deal with it:

All the traffic going to the Flying J was routed through the secondary gas fuel island exit which made things exciting for us big rig drivers. After we turned in like cars would we had to take the other gas fuel island exit then make a big u-turn to come in the diesel side:


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