Recovering, reset, and soon to resume

My number hit the top of the board Friday night (!) which was very speedy. I made the mistake of getting on the board immediately instead of waiting, as I wanted to take 34 hours off to reset my log book. There were numerous loads available but most would require me leaving Saturday to make them so I chose from a smaller set that I could get away with starting on Sunday. Tomorrow I’m off to Iola, Kansas for an 8 AM CDT delivery. This will require a full day’s drive Sunday then up early and the last couple hundred miles Monday morning. I would prefer to do it differently but that is my best scenario, given the load choices.

Restocked the truck this morning. Walmart has apparently discontinued the large Mission tortilla wrapper things and I got basic flour ones instead. The Mission kind they used to have came in sun dried tomato, garlic, and jalapeno (I favored the first two). I use wraps instead of bread because they contain crumbs easier and, frankly, let me stuff more into each! I get a couple pounds of sliced ham at the deli counter, plus tomatoes, baby spinach and sometimes diced onion and that makes my basic sandwich. I hated spinach when I was a youngster because I only ever had it cooked… my lord, whoever invented cooking that poor vegetable needs to be forcibly prevented from procreating.

I also finally broke down and purchased a basic toaster. I’ve had a hankering to wake up to an english muffin with butter and jelly for a while now.

The flu symptoms are almost entirely gone now. Still hacking through phlegm (try spelling that correctly the first time — I dare you!) and dealing with a runny nose but it isn’t a show stopper.

Alarm is set for 4 AM, then off up the road, hopefully all 680 miles to Oklahoma City for shutdown tomorrow.


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