A tire, a tire, my kingdom for a tire!

I got up this morning and found my trailer in the yard. I noticed it was up pretty high (landing gear was cranked 8-10 inches higher than it should be) and tried cranking it down but whoever backed it into place wasn’t paying attention and bent the gear such that it couldn’t move. I went over to the inspection bay and asked the guy on duty if he would help with a yard dog. He was agreeable and lifted the trailer to let me crank up the gear a bit then set it down.

Fifteen minutes wasted, no biggie I’ll make it up later. Then, on my walkaround, I find one of the trailer tires has about 35 pounds pressure. Looked absolutely normal. Sounded normal when kicked (cough — do you use a pressure gauge always? — cough). I tow it over to the maintenance area and walk in to find a mechanic. Turns out, CFI doesn’t have one on duty 24/7 and I’ll have to wait to depart until after 8 AM when one does come on.

This is a problem in more than one way, as this means I will not be able to run a full day since to do so will mean my 10 hour break would keep me from arriving in the morning on time. I’m going to chat up local Laredo dispatch to see if we can get it rescheduled for delivery later tomorrow.


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