The path to Laredo strewn with wreckage

I arrived this morning in Laredo tired, runny nose, slight fever at the end of a short shot of the flu. I know exactly where I got it as well. To that cashier in North Carolina — thanks a pantload!

I overnighted on the east side of Laredo and set my alarm for 4 AM I stopped tossing and turning around 3 AM and headed out, only to find I-10 shut down in downtown Laredo with a major accident involving a big rig hauling hazmat. How a hazmat load got into downtown when it is clearly marked that they have to take the outer 610 ring is beyond me.

Yesterday was a doozy of an accident in Louisianna involving several cars, a RV and a big rig car hauler. The car hauler went off the interstate on my side of the road while everything else happened on the other side. The rig was up on its left side with the cars dangling by their chains, one side of each mashed up. It left quite a long gash of brown dirt in the shoulder as well.

I’m 57th on the board so I’ll have a load out tomorrow, most likely. Hopefully I can stretch that to Sunday morning and get a restart as my log book is pretty thin.


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