I knew I shoulda turned left at Albuquerque…

Well, I made it to Oklahoma City, OK as I planned, though now I realize I made a small boo boo. It would have been a shorter route to go through the Dallas / Fort Worth on I-35 west instead of east. By habit I turned to the eastbound side and went up to our terminal in Lancaster to take on fuel. Oh well, live and learn. The real optimum route would have been to go up several state highways from the DFW area to where they intersect I-44 in Oklahoma but the out-of-route miles going my way aren’t too bad, to me at least.

There was a severe wreck on southbound I-35 in southern Oklahoma which had traffic on both sides tied up, but the southbound traffic was being diverted to side roads. I took some pics which I will post eventually. Four wheeler lost control, crashed into a truck with a skateboard, it went over a guard rail, that kind of thing.

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Turns out, the load has a window

A window means a span of time the consignee (or shipper, I suppose, depending where you’re going) will accept the load and not consider it late. My consignee wants the load in Iola, KS between 8 AM and 12 noon tomorrow, so I’ve been rescheduled to noon. Assuming we can get a new tire on and a gladhand fix taken care of fairly quickly, it shouldn’t be a problem.

A tire, a tire, my kingdom for a tire!

I got up this morning and found my trailer in the yard. I noticed it was up pretty high (landing gear was cranked 8-10 inches higher than it should be) and tried cranking it down but whoever backed it into place wasn’t paying attention and bent the gear such that it couldn’t move. I went over to the inspection bay and asked the guy on duty if he would help with a yard dog. He was agreeable and lifted the trailer to let me crank up the gear a bit then set it down.

Fifteen minutes wasted, no biggie I’ll make it up later. Then, on my walkaround, I find one of the trailer tires has about 35 pounds pressure. Looked absolutely normal. Sounded normal when kicked (cough — do you use a pressure gauge always? — cough). I tow it over to the maintenance area and walk in to find a mechanic. Turns out, CFI doesn’t have one on duty 24/7 and I’ll have to wait to depart until after 8 AM when one does come on.

This is a problem in more than one way, as this means I will not be able to run a full day since to do so will mean my 10 hour break would keep me from arriving in the morning on time. I’m going to chat up local Laredo dispatch to see if we can get it rescheduled for delivery later tomorrow.

GPS messages

I forgot to mention… a few days ago I was approaching Houston from the east along I-10 when my Garmin unit started thinking I was off track. Apparently they have widened the freeway a bit and it thought I was going westbound on the eastbound I-10 lanes! The directions line in green at the top of the unit said “Heading westbound on I-10 east” and once I realized this I wanted to get a picture.

Unfortunately, by the time I got my camera out it had figured out the problem and had me on the correct side of the road again, at least virtually. So no picture to email in to safety, asking them “What is wrong with this photo?”

Recovering, reset, and soon to resume

My number hit the top of the board Friday night (!) which was very speedy. I made the mistake of getting on the board immediately instead of waiting, as I wanted to take 34 hours off to reset my log book. There were numerous loads available but most would require me leaving Saturday to make them so I chose from a smaller set that I could get away with starting on Sunday. Tomorrow I’m off to Iola, Kansas for an 8 AM CDT delivery. This will require a full day’s drive Sunday then up early and the last couple hundred miles Monday morning. I would prefer to do it differently but that is my best scenario, given the load choices.

Restocked the truck this morning. Walmart has apparently discontinued the large Mission tortilla wrapper things and I got basic flour ones instead. The Mission kind they used to have came in sun dried tomato, garlic, and jalapeno (I favored the first two). I use wraps instead of bread because they contain crumbs easier and, frankly, let me stuff more into each! I get a couple pounds of sliced ham at the deli counter, plus tomatoes, baby spinach and sometimes diced onion and that makes my basic sandwich. I hated spinach when I was a youngster because I only ever had it cooked… my lord, whoever invented cooking that poor vegetable needs to be forcibly prevented from procreating.

I also finally broke down and purchased a basic toaster. I’ve had a hankering to wake up to an english muffin with butter and jelly for a while now.

The flu symptoms are almost entirely gone now. Still hacking through phlegm (try spelling that correctly the first time — I dare you!) and dealing with a runny nose but it isn’t a show stopper.

Alarm is set for 4 AM, then off up the road, hopefully all 680 miles to Oklahoma City for shutdown tomorrow.

The path to Laredo strewn with wreckage

I arrived this morning in Laredo tired, runny nose, slight fever at the end of a short shot of the flu. I know exactly where I got it as well. To that cashier in North Carolina — thanks a pantload!

I overnighted on the east side of Laredo and set my alarm for 4 AM I stopped tossing and turning around 3 AM and headed out, only to find I-10 shut down in downtown Laredo with a major accident involving a big rig hauling hazmat. How a hazmat load got into downtown when it is clearly marked that they have to take the outer 610 ring is beyond me.

Yesterday was a doozy of an accident in Louisianna involving several cars, a RV and a big rig car hauler. The car hauler went off the interstate on my side of the road while everything else happened on the other side. The rig was up on its left side with the cars dangling by their chains, one side of each mashed up. It left quite a long gash of brown dirt in the shoulder as well.

I’m 57th on the board so I’ll have a load out tomorrow, most likely. Hopefully I can stretch that to Sunday morning and get a restart as my log book is pretty thin.